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Learning about accessibility can be a daunting task.

For the last few months whenever I’ve found a useful resource I’ve been adding it to a wiki page at work. This is turning into a useful resource itself. As promised in my last article here’s my first post to help share these resources.

Here’s a collection of accessibility blogs that I regularly visit.

  • The Paciello Group Blog Contains an incredible weath of technical information about ARIA, HTML 5, screen readers and accessibility testing. The main contibutor is Steve Faulkner, a HTML Working Group member at W3C, and expert in WAI-ARIA and accessibility.
  • The Yahoo! Accessibility Lab’s Library Includes code snippets and patterns for building accessible web sites as well as presentations and tutorials explaining accessibility.
  • Accessible Culture Personal blog of Jason Kiss, a web accessibility and standards researcher located in Wellington, New Zealand. Lots of information about WAI-ARIA and screen readers.
  • Simply Accessible Articles by accessibility expert Derek Featherstone.
  • Web Standards Sherpa Web Standards Sherpa’s experts provide helpful, pragmatic and up-to-date advice on best practices for web professionals everywhere – including accessibility, content and usability.
  • Humanising Technology Blog Articles from Nomensa, a user-experience design agency base in Bristol.
  • The Tink Tank Personal blog of Leonie Watson, Director of Accessibility & Web Development for Nomensa. Includes insights to using a screen reader and ARIA.
  • Henny Swan’s blog Henny is currently the Senior Accessibility Specialist at the BBC and previously worked at Opera and the RNIB and is an expert in mobile accessibility.
  • Unrepentant Personal blog of John Foliot, a 12 year veteran of Web Accessibility. Co-Chair, HTML5 Accessibility Task Force and former manager of the Stanford Online Accessibility Program.
  • Marco’s accessibility blog Personal blog of Marco Zehe, Mozilla accessibility QA engineer who previously worked Freedom Scientific, the manufacturer of JAWS. Marco was totally blind at birth and has been using a screen reader since 1991. Marco provide insights to using a screen reader, and shares tips on WAI-ARIA and improving web accessibility.
  • Alex’s blog Personal blog of Alexander Surkov, Mozilla accessibility developer. Provides in-depth technical details and updated about Firefox accessibility.
  • Terrill Thompson Terrill Thompson is technology accessibility specialist with the University of Washington
  • Web Axe Podcast and blog on practical web design accessibility tips.
  • Web Standards, Accessibility & More Personal blog of Dennis E. Lembree, a Web site professional specializing in web standards, usability and accessibility and host of Web Axe.
  • Great Things About Being Blind! Personal blog of Kim Kilpatrick, a storyteller and disability awareness presenter.
  • WebAIM Blog WebAIM is a non-profit organization within the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. There website is an incredible resource.
  • Knowbility blog – Universally designed Knowbility, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the independence of children and adults with disabilities by promoting the use and improving the availability of accessible information technology.
  • Hassell Inclusion Hassell Inclusion is a inclusion and accessibility consultancy founded and directed by accessibility expert Professor Jonathan Hassell. Jonathan is the lead-author of BS 8878 (Web Accessibility: Code of Practice).
  • Karl Groves Accessibility expert and director of training at Deque Systems.
  • 456bereastreet Personal blog of Swedish Front-end developer Roger Johansson with over 400 posts on accessibility
  • Yahoo! User Interface Blog – Accessibility Category Articles about the YUI Library and frontend engineering/web design in general

Lots of bloggers use pagination for their archives which makes it hard to see what gems of information are hidden away. A couple of weeks ago I spent an evening scrapping some of the above sites to create a page listing the contents of a few key accessibility websites – which I thought I’d also share. I plan on creating a usable interface to expose the archive of this website when I have more content. I urge you to do the same if you have a blog. Thanks to Steve Faulkner for creating a single page archive for The Paciello Group Blog after my suggestion on Monday.

A great website for keeping informed with the latest accessibility news, which I only stumbled upon yesterday, is the Daily A11y times. Also checkout a11ybuzz – where you can monitor up-to-date accessibility news, articles, and resources in one place

The following are not strictly accessibility blogs but are by some internationally renowned web developers and educators who share a passion for accessibility and interoperability.

If you regularly use any other blogs to keep up to date with web accessibility news, advice or techniques please leave a comment to share it with others.

14 Responses to “Accessibility Blogs”

  1. Our blog is also a great resource on accessibility.

  2. Alistair Duggin says:

    Thanks Jonathan – this was also recommended to me on Twitter.

  3. Alistair Duggin says:

    This is a fantastic resource but hasn’t been updated for a few months:

  4. Hi Alistair,

    This is an awesome list, I’ll certainly come back to it very often.
    As part of a shared effort to initiate an accessibility body of knowledge (a11ybok), I have collated some resources on a Quora board ( that are meant to propose possible models or examples for an a11yBok. Thus it lists quite a few interesting resources for that matter.


  5. Alistair Duggin says:

    Thanks Oliver – I’ll check it out

  6. Alistair Duggin says:

    This looks good too:

  7. Robyn Hunt says:

    This is a very useful resource. Our accessible information and communication company also blogs about web accessibility.

  8. Sarah says:

    My blog launched one month ago, and will focus on education, learning and training, and empowered learning that is mindful of universal design and equity and inclusion. I share information as a special education consultant, assistive technology teacher, and instructional designer. I hope you will follow on the blog or twitter @spottered

  9. Alistair Duggin says:

    Thinking Out Loud…
    Web Ergonomics: Accessibility, Usability, and Human Behaviour on the Web

  10. Duff Johnson says:

    In my Logical Structures blog I focus on electronic document technology and accessibility:

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